The Heir of Charlton, by May Agnes Fleming

At the urgent insistence of his relatives Mr. Richard Ffrench, the step-son of the Honorable Robert Charlton of Charleton Place, agrees and marries a young girl in order to avoid any possible hint at impropriety.

Written by May Agnes Fleming (1840-1880); 38 chapters; 396 pages; 127,000 words.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the 1878 Carleton edition.

Heir of Charlton
Heir of Charlton

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  • I.—Shaddeck Light;
  • II.—Charlton Place;
  • III.—A Fairy Tale;
  • IV.—A Man’s Letter;
  • V.—Before Breakfast;
  • VI.—After Breakfast;
  • VII.—In the Cool of the Evening;
  • VIII.—By the Light of the Moon;
  • IX.—How the Game was Made;
  • X.—The End of the Fairy Tale;
  • XI.—Shaddeck Light;
  • XII.—An Evening at Shaddeck Light;
  • XIII.—A Night at Shaddeck Light;
  • XIV.—A Morning at Shaddeck Light;
  • XV.—Captain Dick’s Wooing;
  • XVI.—How Dora Does It;
  • XVII.—A Girl’s Letter;
  • XVIII.—The Days Before;
  • XIX.—Captain Dick’s Wedding;
  • XX.—Post-Nuptial;
  • XI.—“The Girl I Left Behind Me.”
  • XXII.—“When Day is Done.”


  • I.—Vera;
  • II.—A Look Behind;
  • III.—“Love Took up the Glass of Time.”
  • IV.—At Dawn of Day;
  • V.—A Summer Afternoon;
  • VI.—A Summer Night;
  • VII.—“We Fell Out, My Wife and I.”
  • VIII.—“O, We Fell Out, I Know not Why.”
  • IX.—Charlton Place;
  • X.—Husband and Wife;
  • XI.—A Cry in the Night;
  • XII.—In the Dead Hand;
  • XIII.—In the Dark Hour;
  • XIV.—Tracked;
  • XV.—Trapped;
  • XVI.—Shaddeck Light.