Paul Ralston by Mary Jane Holmes

Young Elithe Hansford is sent East from Montana to spend the summner season with her Aunt Phebe in Oak City, Massachusetts, where she encounters Paul Ralston, of Boston society.

Written by Mary Jane Holmes (1825 – 1907) and copyright 1896-1897. Transcribed and edited from the 1897 New York printed edition by Jeffrey Merrow. 44 Chapters, 393 pages, 122,000 words.

Paul Ralston
Paul Ralston

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I. – Miss Phebe Hansford.
II. – Paul Ralston.
III. – Paul’s News.
IV. – The Percys.
V. – Clarice.
VI. – Elithe’s Photograph.
VII. – In Samona.
VIII. – The Stranger at Deep Gulch.
IX. – At “The Samona.”
X. – Miss Hansford’s Letter.
XI. – Getting Ready for Oak City.
XII. – On the Road.
XIII. – On the Boat.
XIV. – In Oak City.
XV. – Miss Hansford and Elithe.
XVI. – The Days which Followed.
XVII. – Getting Acquainted.
XVIII. – Elithe and Clarice.
XIX. – Miss Hansford in Boston.
XX. – At the Tennis Court.
XXI. – News from Jack.
XXII. – The Waltz.
XXIII. – Preparations.
XXIV. – The Shadow Begin to Fall.
XXV. – The Shadow Deepens.
XXVI. – The Tragedy.
XXVII. – Elithe and Jack Percy.
XXVIII. – Poor Jack.
XXIX. – Elithe’s Interview with Clarice.
XXX. – The Funeral.
XXXI. – The Arrest.
XXXII. – In Prison.
XXXIII. – Outside the Prison.
XXXIV. – Ready for the Trial.
XXXV. – The First Day of the Trial.
XXXVI. – The Second Day of the Trial.
XXXVII. – Free.
XXXVIII. – Excitement.
XXXIX. – Where He Was.
XL. – Farewell.
XLI. – Tom, You Did It!.
XLII. – The Second Trial.
XLIII. – After Eighteen Months.
XLIV. – Last Glimpse of Oak City.