Forrest House

Everyone in Rothsay including old Judge Forrest believes that young Everard Forrest, Esq. will someday marry Beatrice Belknap. But not Everard! Oh, he has always adored her, but as ‘Bee’ is a full year his senior, he cannot fathom the match. Judge Forrest pushes the issue, and Everard loses his inheritance!

Written by Mary Jane Holmes. Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the 1879 New York (Carleton) edition.

Forrest House
Forrest House

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I. – Two Letters
II. – Dr. Matthewson
III. – The Mock Marriage
VI. – The Forrest House
V. – Beatrice Belknap
VI. – Mother and Son
VII. – Josephine
VIII. – Everard
IX. – The Result
X. – Husband and Wife
XI. – After Two Years
XII. – Commencement
XIII. – The Reception
XIV. – Two Months
XV. – The House of Cards Begins to Fall
XVI. – The House of Cards Goes Down
XVII. – The Next Day
XVIII. – The Shadow of Death
XIX. – The Judge’s Will
XX. – The Heiress
XXI. – A Midnight Ride
XXII. – The New Life at Rothsay
XXIII. – Bee’s Family
XXIV. – In the Summer
XXV. – Mrs. Fleming’s Boarders
XXVI. – Josephine’s Confidence
XXVII. – Events of One Year at the Forrest House.
XXVIII. – Something Does Happen
XXIX. – Mrs. J. E. Forrest
XXX. – How Rossie Bore the News
XXXI. – Mrs. Forrest’s Policy
XXXII. – What the People Said and Did
XXXIII. – Everard Faces It
XXXIV. – Everard and Rossie
XXXV. – Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Forrest
XXXVI. – Rosamond’s Decision
XXXVII. – Matters are Adjusted
XXXVIII. – “Waiting and Watching for Me”
XXXIX. – How the Tide Ebbed and Flowed in Rothsay
XL. – Dr. Matthewson’s Game
XLI. – How the Game was Played
XLII. – Alas, Poor Rossie!
XLIII. – The Letters
XLIV. – The New Heir
XLV. – The New Reign at the Forrest House
XLVI. – The Letter from Austria
XLVII. – Agnes Finds the Letter
XLVIII. – La Maison de Santé
XLIX. – The Escape
L. – Going Home
LI. – Breaking the News at the Forrest House.
LII. – Breaking the News to Everard
LIII. – The Arrest
LIV. – Telling the Truth to Rossie
LV. – Conclusion