Emolyn Wyndeworth is on public trial for the death of her infant daughter.
Written by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1819–1899) and copyright 1876 by Robert Bonner.
Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow, 35 chapters, 104,000 words.

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  • I. A Horror in High Life.
  • II. A Soul’s Tragedy.
  • III. After the Stolen Honeymoon.
  • IV. Emolyn’s Woe.
  • V. Emolyn’s Danger.
  • VI. No Escape.
  • VII. A Crisis.
  • VIII. A Plan.
  • IX. A Catastrophe.
  • X. Ruin.
  • XI. An Awakening to Despair.
  • XII. In Custody.
  • XIII. Doom.
  • XIV. Revelation.
  • XV. In Prison.
  • XVI. “Guilty or Not Guilty?”
  • XVII. Vindicated.
  • XVIII. In the Wilderness.
  • XIX. The Workman’s Home.
  • XX. Em.
  • XXI. The Home Angel.
  • XXII.A New Page.
  • XXIII. Em’s Adventure.
  • XXIV. Ronald Bruce.
  • XXV. Receiving Angels.
  • XXVI. The Dreamer.
  • XXVII. Love.
  • XXVIII. Changes.
  • XXIX. Sacrifice.
  • XXX. Reward.
  • XXXI. A Summer’s Flitting.
  • XXXII. “The Wilderness.”
  • XXXIII. “An Old Deserted Mansion.”
  • XXXIV. Em’s Wonderful Adventure.
  • XXXV. Woman, or Spirit?