The Shattered Idol

The Shattered Idol
The Shattered Idol

Though heartbroken over the loss of her childhood sweetheart, Clare Trevelyan dutifully submits to an arranged marriage with a wealthy socialite.

Written by Charlotte M. (Charlotte Monica) Brame (1836-1884) and copyright 1894 by George Munro. Compiled from multiple sources. 14 Chapters, 25,000 words.

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  1. “A Noble Husband You Have Found Me.”
  2. “Not Only the Dream Destroyed.”
  3. “A Cry of Horror and Agony.”
  4. “Handsome Mr. Rex Verner.”
  5. “Do Not Forget that I am Lionel Stanhope’s Wife.”
  6. Society began to look Coldly on Handsome Rex.
  7. “If I Could but Recall One Night of my Life!”
  8. “Pall Mall Jack.”
  9. “I am a Midnight Thief—An Assassin.”
  10. “He Sha’n’t Escape, Lover or No Lover.”
  11. “Bitter as Wormwood.”
  12. “What Plea for Mercy do you Dare Offer?”
  13. “My Love shall Strive to make Atonement for the Past.”
  14. “In the Sunshine of True Love.”