Her Faithless Guardian

Her Faithless Guardian
Her Faithless Guardian

Driven to desperation, Emilie Howe proposes a hasty marriage to an apparent stranger, and by doing so hopes to outwit her scheming guardian.

Written by Mrs. Harriet Newell (O’Brien) Lewis (1841-1878) and published as F. M. Lupton’s The Arm Chair Library No. 107.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow. 30 chapters, 71000 words.

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Chapter I. – Driven to Despair.
Chapter II. – A Strange Proposal and its Acceptance.
Chapter III. – The Appointment Kept.
Chapter IV. – Come and Gone.
Chapter V. – The Bride’s Return Home.
Chapter VI. – Called to Account.
Chapter VII. – An Investigation.
Chapter VIII. – The Conspirators.
Chapter IX. – Taking Her Place.
Chapter X. – The Proceedings of Sir Morgan.
Chapter XI. – Acting upon his Good Resolutions.
Chapter XII. – Miss Chetwold.
Chapter XIII. – News of his Bride.
Chapter XIV. – Miss Chetwold’s Ultimatum.
Chapter XV. – The Bride at Home.
Chapter XVI. – A Friend of the Right Stamp.
Chapter XVII. – New Schemes and Projects.
Chapter XVIII. – Catching a Tartar.
Chapter XIX. – The Bride’s Country Home.
Chapter XX. – Miss Dorothy’s Overtures.
Chapter XXI. – An Intruder and a Defender.
Chapter XXII. – Husband and Wife.
Chapter XXIII. – A Villain’s Opportunity.
Chapter XXIV. – A Successful Proceeding.
Chapter XXV. – In a Bad Situation.
Chapter XXVI. – Mr. Woodson Defines his Wishes.
Chapter XXVII. – The Captivity of Lady Chetwold.
Chapter XXVIII. – From Darkness to Darkness.
Chapter XXIX. – Light at Last.
Chapter XXX. – The Dawn of Gladness.