Chateau d’Or

Chateau d’Or
Chateau d’Or

Young Annie Strong escapes her toilsome New-England life when she marries Ernest Walsingham Haverleigh, who owns a large chateau in France.

Written by Mary Jane Holmes (1825 – 1907), transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the 1880 New York print edition. 13 Chapters, 43,800 words

Contains two additional short stories: Norah, (22,800 words) and Kitty Craig (12,700 words.)

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I. – Annie Strong.
II. – Chateau d’Or.
III. – Madame Verwest and Anna.
IV. – The News which Came to Millfield.
V. – The News which Came to Chateau d’Or.
VI. – In the Autumn.
VII. – Eugenie and Anna.
VIII. – More News which Came to Millfield.
IX. – Eugenie’s Waiting Maid.
X. – Eugenie Goes Again to Chateau d’Or.
XI. – The Escape.
XII. – The Denouement.
XIII. – In America.